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Lancaster, Morecambe & District Fuchsia Society Lancaster, Morecambe & District Fuchsia Society
Click above for details on the Society, their 29th Annual Fuchsia Show and the full programme for 2017
Welcome to Fuchsia Flower.  The starting place  for the newcomer to fuchsias. In the Fuchsia Cultivation menu you will find all you need to make the best of your fuchsias with plain, simple advice along with plenty of photos, Please feel free to send any queries on your fuchsia growing, these will be added to the Question & Answers page for other growers to benefit from. Please take a couple of minutes to click on the button on the bottom right and send me your Feedback/Queries/Messages. Thank you. (If you cannot see the button then please allow Blocked Content in your browser) .
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Here   in   the   U.K.   we   are   just   about   in   the   middle   of summer   and   your   fuchsias   should   be   in   full   bloom. Keep   feeding   and   deadheading   to   prolong   flowering and keep an eye out for pest and diseases. If   anyone   is   still   not   sure   what   to   do   then   please make use of the contact form, Gall    Mite    still    remains    a    problem    particularly    in southern   parts   of   the   country   so   keep   and   eye   out for this and take the appropiat action as described in http://www.fuchsiaflower.co.uk/pestsdiseases.htm  
There are now 430 pictures in the Fuchsia Photos section found in the Gallery   for you to look through and enjoy. You are more than welcome to download them for your own personal use. If they are to be used on another web site please add a link back to this site www.fuchsiaflower.co.uk  or at least acknowledge their source. Thank You.
Quite   a   few   people   have   been   in   touch to   ask   if   it   was   possible   to   print   out   web pages.   from   this   site   There   is   usually an   option   in   most   web   browsers   but you don’t always get what you see. You   will   now   find   a   print   option   at   the top   all   the   cultivation   pages   and   the society   info   page.   Click   on   this   and   you will    have    the    option    to    print    with    or without   images,   increase/decrease   font size and email it to a friend. As   this   is   a   new   addition   I   would   be very   grateful   if   you   could   let   me   know   if it is a success, or not.
Show   time   is   not   long   of   here   in   the U.K.   so   have   a   look   on   the   lnks    page and    see    if    societies    are    advertising their   shows.   If   not   drop   me   a   line   using the   comment   box   and   if   you   give   me your area I will try and find them. Also   have   a   look   at   the   links   page   and browse   through   the   nurseries   to   see just who has new varieties on offer. You   should   be   able   to   download   their catalogue   on   some   sites   whilst   others will send one out through the post. Most    of    them    will    have    mail    order available. Please    give    your    support    to    these nurseries